Miss Gay Oklahoma 2017

July 26 - The Copa

July 27 - Will Rogers Theatre


​​You are cordially invited to

Miss Gay Oklahoma America 2017. 

The Miss Gay Oklahoma America Alumni Board is celebrating

40 years of the Miss Gay Oklahoma America Pageant

 with the event of a lifetime. 

The theme for the evening is

“Glamour through the years…

40 Years of Excellence and Glamour!”

Attendees should choose a presentation outfit that would be considered glamorous in specific decade of time. The look should be an evening look as opposed to daytime/street ware.  Though no one is allowed to narrate their presentation, care must be made to ensure that it is clear what period of time you are representing.  Astute attendees should find inspiration from not only the annuals of history, but also the red carpet of events such as the Met Gala and Academy Awards. 

Your individual presentation of style and glamour is not restricted to a certain color palate, but attendees should avoid those ensembles that are primarily black, white or red in color.  Black, white and red are acceptable as accent colors.

We are looking forward to your attendance at our celebration of history and all things glamour!

Things to Google:

Fashion through the years

Fashion of the ________________ (specific decade)

Miss Gay Oklahoma America 2017

Glamour Through the Years...

40 Years of Excellence and Glamour!